He comes close to reaching the violet core by the age when most hybrids have to worry about choosing their life force and opens five of his seven eyes in the same time that it usually takes a Hydra to grow their second head. Moreover, his bloodline carries an outstanding power that it's only limited by his lack of experience and resources. [9]. Qing Huai stood outside and looked at Chen Qi through the open door, and then shook his head in disappointment. It seemed that his Miss had thought wrong. ... Chapter 772: Troublesome.. He will go to bed wealthy, but won't be doing that anymore! When he opens his eyes, it will be gone! JPS Tanakh 1917 He lieth down rich, but there shall be nought to gather; He openeth his eyes, and his wealth is not. Literal Standard Version He lies down rich, and he is not gathered, He has opened his eyes, and he is not. New American Bible.

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